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The Dodge Bradesh

Legend has it that this 1921 Model Dodge Touring car (#573551) was specially built by the Dodge Brothers Motor Company for The Maharajah of Bradesh, Maharish Vjain, ruler of the tiny kingdom of Bradesh in India. Outfitted to be used as a hunting vehicle, The Dodge Bradesh, as it was called, was shipped to India via steamboat. The [...]

1970 Cobra Torino SCJ

With the famous 429 SCT RAM-Air V8 4V engine and four barrel carburetor. Factory set up for competition, with a hurst four speed transmission, competition suspension, firestone radial racing tires, black two tone hood with exposed locking pins, drag pack axle, shaker hood scoop, console, power steering, radio with dual rear speakers, chrome Magnum 500 [...]

1969 Chevrolet Camaro 350 SS Hardtop

You are looking at a total restoration. Completely disassembled. The car was carefully rebuilt from the frame up. Yes, there are some gentle modifications, but essentially it is a "Like New" 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 350 SS two door hardtop. FEATURES: 350 cubic inch V-8 engine with special cams and carburetio. The car has the look of [...]

1964 Chrysler 300 K

This beautiful hardtop is one of the last of the famous Chrysler 300 "Letter Series" high performance luxury cars. For ten years, from 1955 to 1965, these were the muscle cars of their day. Built in very limited numbers by the Chrysler Corporation, each year's model used a new letter as the model 300 Suffix. [...]

1964 Chevrolet Impala 409 SS Convertible

This is truly one of the finest examples of the popular Chevy 409 Super Sport Convertible in existence. It is a Body-Off-Frame, professional restoration. The project took over three years to complete. FEATURES:  Special Chevy 409 V-8 425 Horsepower Engine with Dual Four-barrel Carburetors Glass Packs Crankshaft Counterweights Hurst Four speed "Four in the Floor" [...]

1962 Imperial Southampton 4 Door Hardtop

413 Cubic inch V8, 350 horsepower, push button torqueflite transmission, factory air, power windows and seat, 129 inch wheelbase, 4620 pounds. This was a limited production luxury car, with a total of only 3587 built. This 1962 Imperial custom, vehicle identification number 9123135582, is mostly original. It is a Florida car with no rust or [...]

1961 Metropolitan

George Mason, President of Nash Motor Company, had broad experience in engineering, manufacturing and finance. He was an industry leader in the 1940's and '50's, and it was his decision to explore the possible production of a little two-seater. After the design phase was completed, the decision was made to have Auston Motor Co., Ltd. [...]

1957 Buick Super V8 Riviera Hardtop

Over 40 years old, this handsome Buick was typical of the far-out styling of the Fifties. Big, flashy, lots of color, and loaded with heavy chrome, finned rear quarter panels. Yes, Buick had them, and so did most of the other style leaders of the 1950's. Features of the 1957 Buick Super Hardtop included a [...]

1956 Thunderbird

Regarded as one of the first real sports cars produced in America, the 1956 Thunderbird was a legend before its time. It immediately became a classic and a much sought-after collector car. The styling was fresh, youthful in its appeal and unique to this model. The lines of the Thunderbird are sleek and very low [...]

1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

New from the ground up, the 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer was Flair-Fashioned and alive with beauty! In fact, more than one automotive writer called it the most beautiful car of the 1950's. Coming on the scene at the time America was modernizing its highway system, the 1955 Dodge was a powerful and thrilling car [...]

1955 Desoto Firedome Hardtop

With "Forward Look" styling from the Virgil Exner design studios, and powered by the famous Chrysler Hemi V-8 engine, the 1955 Desoto was a leader in styling and performance. It was similar to the Chrysler of its day. Desoto cars were built from 1929 to 1961. The "Forward Look" was the Chrysler Corporation's terms for [...]

1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe Hardtop

With "forward look" styling from the Virgil Exner design studios, and powered by the famous Chrysler 331 Hemi V-8 Engine, the New Yorker was a leader in styling and performance. It was often the car of choice among up-scale buyers in 1955. The "forward look" was the Chrysler Corporation's term for styling that seemed to [...]

1953 Jaguar XK 120 Sports Car

Built by Jaguar cars, ltd., of Great Britain Engine, six cylinders in line, seven main bearing cast iron block. 210 cubic inch displacement. Aluminum cylinder head. Two overhead valves per cylinder. Spherical combustion chambers. Twin overhead camshafts. Twin constant-vacuum carburetors. Perhaps the most sought after sports car of all time, the Jaguar XK 120 has [...]

1950 Hudson Commodore 8 Sedan

The beautiful, streamlined Hudson for 1950, the only car with the "step-down ride" and Hudson's exclusive "Monobuilt Body-and-Frame," the forerunner of today's Unit-Body construction. This was a big, roomy, low center of gravity road machine, and one of the most elegant cars of its day. Remember the movie, "Driving Miss Daisy?" Morgan Freeman chauffeured Miss [...]

1949 Dodge

The first newly styled Dodge after World War II. Everything was new with the 1949 Dodges. Even the names. Dodge finally broke out of the Deluxe/Custom syndrome. Now there was Coronet, Meadowbrook, and Wayfarer. Styling was all new. 1949 Dodges were longer and lower. Fenders were now an integral part of the overall design-not tacked [...]

1948 Packard Victoria Convertible

Although over fifty years old, this handsome Packard super 8 remains a daring concept of what a convertible should really be; big, elegant and flashy! Every breath-taking inch of this car is Packard precision-built. With only 23,000 documented miles, this is an unrestored "original." original upholstery, original black lacquer finish, original engine and drive train. [...]

1948 Chrysler New Yorker 3 Window Coupe

This Chrysler, model C-39N, is clearly from the era of big, powerful, straight eights. Only 701 of this model were ever built. According to the Automotive Information Clearing House, there are just four left. Identified by its extra wide grille, long hood, and sloping rear deck, it was a beautiful car in 1948. It still [...]

1941 Dodge Luxury Liner

In 1941 the Chrysler Corporation launched a brand new car, the Dodge Luxury Liner, with superb styling and engineering not previously available in the medium price field. Sparkling with a distinctive type of beauty and advanced engineering features, the 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner was truly a car ahead of its time. For only $25 extra, [...]

1941 Buick Super Sport Coupe

Carefully driven and maintained by its original owner, L. L. Kraft, this Buick is close to original, with just minor restoration where needed. It is a smooth driving car, and everything works. The odometer shows only 51,990 miles. 1941 was the automobile industry's last full year of production before the united states entered world war [...]

1939 Rolls Royce

This custom-bodied Rolls Royce with its sculptured lines is an exceptional example of the classic presence and grace that have always been the hallmark of Rolls Royce Motor cars. The elegant interior demonstrates extraordinary craftsmanship with its fine veneers, hand-finished furnishings and upholstery made from only the finest hides. In December 1904, Henry Royce and [...]

1938 Packard

Model 1600 six-cylinder sedan with radio and heater. Engine: L-Head straight 6, 245 cubic inches. Synchromesh 3-speed transmission. Wheelbase was increased from 115 inches to 122 inches on the Packard Six for 1938. During the depression of the 1930’s, it was the “Junior Packards” that saved the company. The famous Packard 120 Series was introduced [...]

1938 Dodge 5 Window Coupe

Series D-8 Six Cylinder Engine. 217.8 Cubic Inch. L-Head. Four Wheel Hydraulic Brakes. 3 speed Synchromesh Transmission. An attractive, stylish car in 1938, this little beauty still gets approving glances as it glides quietly and smoothly along. Almost seventy years old, this car has been pampered. Restoration was body off frame. Engine completely rebuilt. There [...]

1937 De Soto Business Coupe

In 1928, Walter P. Chrysler was riding high. After only four short years of manufacturing, the Chrysler Corporation had risen to third place in the American motor industry. Acquiring the Maxwell plant in 1924, the first Chrysler cars came off the line late that year. Featuring four wheel hydraulic brakes, steel body construction, and a [...]

1937 Cadillac Fleetwood

The Original cost of this magnificent luxury Cadillac was $3,535...expensive at the time. You could have purchased six Chevrolets for that kind of money. Approximately 80 Formal Town Sedans were produced, and this is one of two known to still exist. This car, serial #4130367, was shipped from the factory on March 15, 1937, and [...]

1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III

1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III Saloon Carriage With Window Division Coach Work By H.J. Mulliner of London, England This custom-bodied Rolls Royce with its sculptured lines is an exceptional example of the classic presence and grace that have always been the hallmark of Rolls Royce Motor Cars. The elegant interior demonstrates extraordinary craftsmanship with its [...]

1936 Packard 120B Touring Coup

The model is so named because the car's wheelbase is 120 inches - the B shows that 1936 was the second year for the 120 series Packard. Engine: 282 cubic inch straight eight. Its 120 horsepower could push this car close to 100 mph. There were 3,976 Packard 120B Touring Coups (Style 994) built in [...]

1936 Chrysler Airflow Custom Imperial Series C-11

Considered the most influential car of the 1930’s, the Chrysler Airflow was the brainchild of engineer, Carl Breer, who put into it the most modern concepts of automotive and aviation design. Airflow bodies were constructed around a cage-like steel girder network, to which the body panels were welded. The body and chassis were one integral [...]

1935 Ford Roadster

The 1935 Ford was one of the sportiest and fastest cars of its day. The peppy little Ford V-8 engine was very popular. In fact, Clyde Barrow(Bonnie and Clyde) once wrote a fan letter to Henry Ford praising the Ford V-8 because its speed and pick up made it a great get-away car. A copy [...]

1935 DeSoto Airflow Sedan

The depression was hardly the right time for anything startlingly different, yet this “car of the future” should have been a sales smash. Ironically, it almost was. Everybody thought it was great, except the buying public. Although years ahead of its time, its extreme styling hurt sales of the Airflow. Following the most modern concepts [...]

1933 Packard 101

The 1933 Packard was a limited production car. Our Country was in the midst of the Great Depression, and few people could afford a Packard. As a result, only a handful of this model were built and very few still remain. This is unfortunate because the traditional Packard hood and grille, coupled with sculptured body [...]

1932 Plymouth Sport Roadster

The Plymouth PB Model for 1932 was the last of the four cylinder Plymouths until the compact Plymouth Horizon came on the scene in 1971. The 1932 PB Four, with its 196 cubic inch displacement, 65 horsepower engine, was Plymouth's zenith four cylinder car. It is undoubtedly the "most collectable" of the four cylinder Plymouths [...]

1932 La Salle Convertible

The 1932 LaSalle has often been described as the most unique and handsome car General Motors ever produced. The gently flowing curves of the body and the overall elegance of this vehicle create a "rolling sculpture." Production was limited, and the LaSalle convertible quickly became the favorite car of prominent sports figures and Hollywood stars. [...]

1932 Chrysler Sport Coupe

The Second Series C1 six cylinder for 1932 was extensively updated. Styling changes included new oval instrument board, new dual split type windshield, dual cowl ventilators, wire wheels with dual side mounts. Standard equipment included Delco Remy ignition, hydraulic brakes, flexible floating power, double drop frame, freewheeling, hydraulic shock absorbers, and on this car...overdrive transmission. [...]

1931 Packard 833 Sport Coupe

The Rumble Seat ... The six wire wheels with wide white wall tires ... The Packard trunk with matching luggage ... The throaty rumble of the powerful straight eight engine ... All combined to make the Packard Sport Coupe a favorite with the younger generation of the 1930's. One of the greatest names in car [...]

1931 Model A Ford

After building millions of Model T's, Henry Ford shut down the Ford Motor Company in 1928 in order to retool for the all new and much heralded Model A. There was much excitement and anticipation. Everybody wanted to see the "new Ford." The Model A was an uncomplicated four cylinder, inexpensive machine...easy to own...easy to [...]

1931 Chevrolet Convertible Cabriolet

The Chevrolet was a car built for a purpose. It was the vehicle by which William C. Durant intended to regain control of General Motors, the corporation he had founded in 1908 and which he lost to the bankers in 1910. Specifications:  Overhead Valve Six Cast Iron Block Bore and Stroke: 3 5/16 X 3 [...]

1930 Hupmobile Victoria

The Hupp Motor Company was one of the many independents during the early years of the automobile. Hupp built fine cars beginning in 1909, and the company was highly successful during its early years. But later, strong competition came along, particularly from Buick, Olds, and Chrysler..competition that, coupled with the effects of the Depression of [...]

1930 Dodge 6 Cylinder Sedan

The car on display is a series DD Six Cylinder five passenger sedan. This rather plain model was designed to offset the ravages of the Great Depression. It was a modest step up from the "Low Price Three," Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. During the Depression of the 1930's, America's auto industry was in a deep [...]

1929 Model A Ford Roadster

A sporty roadster with rumble seat. After building millions of Model T's, Henry Ford shut down the Ford Motor Company in 1928, to re-tool for the all new and much heralded Model A. There was much excitement and anticipation. It seemed that everybody wanted to see the "New Ford." The Model A was an uncomplicated [...]

1928 Packard 443 7 Passenger Sedan

Over 70 years old, this is an original, unrestored Packard...original finish, original upholstery...original engine and power train. Documented mileage; 34,000. SPECIFICATIONS:  384.8 Cubic Inch Straight 8 Engine 9 Main Bearings 143" Wheelbase Road Clearance 8 3/4 Center Jump Seats Weight: 5045 LBS This car was the featured 1928 model Packard at the "Opus Magnum," the [...]

1925 Pierce Arrow

Model 80 two-door trunk Sedan. 70 horsepower six-cylinder engine. 130-inch wheelbase. Updraft carburetor with vacuum tank. Notice the four wheel brakes; this was a brand new feature in 1925. The pride of presidents and princes, the Pierce Arrow was one of the most envied and respected names in the history of American motoring. The Pierce [...]

1924 Model T Ford Huckster

This Model T Ford has a huckster wood body, a cargo carry all with many uses. Many special use bodies were built for the Model T Ford. Between 1909 and 1927 fifteen million Model T Fords were built. It was the car that retired the horse and put America on wheels. There was a time [...]

1924 Chrysler 70 B Touring

This was the beginning, the first year for Chrysler. This historic Chrysler was hidden away for many years before being discovered in 2005 by Bill and Carl Swope. It is indeed a rare and valuable icon. Engine: Inline L Head Six. Cast Iron Block. 201 Cubic Inch Displacement. 7 Main Bearings. 68 Horsepower. Technical: 112 [...]

1923 Packard Sport Touring

Clearly identified by its yoke-shaped radiator and its fluted hood, Packard was one of the great automotive names during the first half of the 20th century. Packard stood for fine engineering, long life, luxury and prestige. It was often the car of choice among up-scale buyers. from 1899, when the first Packard was built in [...]

1923 Dodge Touring Car

John and Horace Dodge were both machinists. When Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company in 1903, the Dodge brothers machine shop built Ford's engines. As part of the deal, Henry Ford gave the Dodge brothers a one-tenth share in the Ford Motor Company, which the Dodge brothers later sold for $27,000,000 cash, the original [...]

1922 Dodge Touring Car

John and Horace Dodge were both machinists, when Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company in 1903, the Dodge brothers machine shop built Ford's engines. As part of the deal Henry Ford gave the Dodge brothers a one-tenth share in the Ford Motor Company, which the Dodge brothers later sold for $27,000,000 cash, the original [...]

1920 Model T Ford

The Model T Ford was affectionately referred to as “The Tin Lizzie”. Between 1909 and 1927, fifteen million Model T’s were built. It was the car that retired the horse and put America on wheels. You can paint it any color, so long as it’s black. It has never been proven that Henry Ford said [...]

1919 Model T Ford Coupe

This coupe is quite different from most Model T Fords. Instead of the standard 20 horsepower engine, the car has been modified with a special racing engine. It has a two speed rear axle. It also has oversize Rocky Mountain Brakes. It has shock absorbers, and an electric starter. Turn signals were installed when the [...]

1914 Renault

Louis Renault, one of the great and deservedly famous pioneers of the motor car, established Renault Freres Ltd. at Billancourt in Paris, France in 1898. Early Renaults were strong contenders in the inner-city races, then fashionable. Renaults came in first in Paris to Ostend - Paris to Bordeau -Paris to Toulouse - and Paris to [...]

1914 Model T Ford Touring

Four cylinder, 22 horsepower, original cost $550. Top speed 45 miles per hour. Gas mileage 15 to 21 MPG. Gasoline costs 12 to 15 cents a gallon. The first “Wide Track.” This Ford was known as the “southern Model T”, with 60” wide axles. The extended axle width was because of wagon rut in the [...]

1914 Model T Ford Runabout

The Model T Ford is the car that retired the horse and put America on wheels. No radio, no heater, no power assists, only the bare necessities made the Ford accessible to many. In fact, millions were sold between 1903 and 1927. At one time, the price of a model T Ford dropped to $295, [...]

1910 Brush Roadster E26

Ten horsepower, single cylinder vertical motor. Speed up to 27 miles per hour, gearless variable clutch providing eight speeds forward and reverse, white ash wood axles and frame. Wheelbase 74", weight 800 lbs. Original Selling Price: $600. Built by the Brush Runabout Company, Detroit, Michigan. This Brush Roadster was known as the Model E-26 and [...]

1931 LaSalle Convertible Rumble Seat Coup

In 1927, General Motors launched a brand new car, the La Salle. Named after the French Explorer, Rene Robert Cavelieur de La Salle, it was thought the connection would give the new marquee an association of nobility. Thus, La Salle followed Cadillac in being named after a French Émigré. The particularly good design of the [...]

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