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1910 Brush Roadster E26

Ten horsepower, single cylinder vertical motor. Speed up to 27 miles per hour, gearless variable clutch providing eight speeds forward and reverse, white ash wood axles and frame. Wheelbase 74″, weight 800 lbs. Original Selling Price: $600.

Built by the Brush Runabout Company, Detroit, Michigan. This Brush Roadster was known as the Model E-26 and was called “Everyman’s Car.” To quote the advertising, “It is every man’s car because it is used by men who make less than $1,000 a year and the very wealthy who make up to $25,000 a year.”

A Brush Runabout finished the 2636 mile 1909 Glidden Tour, climbed Pike’s Peak and crossed the American continent handily. The car was changed little during its brief life because its designer, Alanson P. Brush, believed he had reached “Perfection” in motor car construction.

This pretty little car, with its jaunty looks and polished brass, is from the James and Carolyn Poe collection, Paris, Kentucky.

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